Genparquet, a genuine parquet

      It's a parquet from genius designers

      It's a parquet design in gene of wood

      Bog oak collection
    • Genparquet Haven't Just Design Hardwood. 
      We've Designed Nature

      How we accelerate thousands of years nature work and achieve the same bog oak in just one night?
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      Live the life you love

      Genparquet hardwood flooring conmbines the timeless beauty of bog oak nature with the state-of-the-art finishing of the latest technology. So your building has floors that are truly the best of both worlds.
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    Evening Sun Collection

    Showing timeless appeal of evening sun gives a wide range application in interior design. The natural warmth and rustic character of this floorings are hugely popular today for every type of decor... from traditional to country to vintage to modern.
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    Bog Oak Collection

    Inspired by the grandeur of Ancient palaces and manor houses in continental Europe, this exquisite bog oak flooring captures the brilliant artistry of that period, yet complements both traditional and contemporary decor. 

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    Driftwood Collection

    Bring the timeless elegance and natural beauty of maple into your home or space with the Driftwood collection.Its fluid cracks reflect the flowing rhythms of a river or a mountain ridge.
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